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Race Information

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Welcome to the 4th Annual BLK LUV 5K hosted by Fit, Black, and Educated, Inc.! Get ready to lace up your sneakers and join us in a celebration of Black Love that goes beyond boundaries. This isn't a race; it's a movement, an expression of love and unity that spans from Black Excellence to Black History, Black Family, and the undeniable power of Black Love.
What to Expect:
Join us around the country with positive energy, community spirit, and, of course, a heart-pounding 5K run/walk/jog. Whether you're a seasoned runner or just starting your fitness journey, this event is for everyone. In your community, walk, run, jog, treadmill your way through scenic routes that symbolizes the journey of Black love – through excellence, history, and family. We encourage you to post your photos on Social Media with #BLKLUV5K
Virtual participation: (Anytime & Anyplace!)
Complete your distance anytime & anyplace from February 24, 2024 to May 19, 2024. Your finisher medal will be mailed to you within 1 week of the event date.
Meet-up and Virtual Registration Fee: $25
Registration includes the following:
  • Finisher's Medal
  • Runners Bib
  • "We Are" secondary bib
1.5 mile Registration: $15
Registration includes the following:
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Runners Bib
  • "We Are" secondary bib
Why We Created This 5K:
Fit, Black, and Educated, Inc. is on a mission to promote holistic wellness within the Black community. Our virtual BLK LUV 5K is a manifestation of that commitment. We believe in celebrating the rich tapestry of Black culture, acknowledging our triumphs, embracing our history, and strengthening our families.
This race isn't just about crossing the finish line; it's about crossing barriers and breaking stereotypes. We've created the BLK LUV 5K to foster a sense of community, pride, and love. We want to inspire a healthier lifestyle while addressing and combating health disparities within our community.
Celebrate Black Love:
At BLK LUV 5K, we celebrate the strength, resilience, and love within our community. From showcasing Black-owned businesses to honoring influential figures in Black history, this event is a melting pot of culture, inspiration, and unity. Every step you take is a declaration of love for yourself, your community, and the rich tapestry of Black culture.
Join the Movement: Form a meet-up in your city
By participating in the BLK LUV 5K, you're not just running a race; you're joining a movement to promote health, unity, and love within the Black community. Together, let's stride towards a healthier future, break down health disparities, and celebrate the beauty of Black love.
Register now and be a part of something extraordinary. The BLK LUV 5K – where every step is a celebration of Black love, excellence, and history. Lace up, show up, and let's run towards a brighter, healthier future together!
San Diego Meet-Up: BIB PICKUP
Registrants of the 5K/1.5 -mile can pick up their bibs the morning of the event, and there will be a pre-race pickup offered the week of the event (TBD).
Let's goooooo!!!
(Please email with questions or for more information.)
Helping Our Community: Donate
Proceeds from registration will directly support Fit, Black, and Educated, Inc. (FBE), create programming/events focused on fitness, health and wellness, financial literacy, civic engagement, and a deeper knowledge of Black history for communities of the Diaspora. For more information about Fit, Black, and Educated, Inc., please visit are still working towards becoming a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. Our fiscal sponsor is Salute to Souldiers, Inc. (93-3200771). 
Interested in becoming a Sponsor? 
Contact: Marlissa Herring at
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